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About You

Has the pace of life left you disconnected with who you are? Are you frustrated with the same struggles that continue in your relationships at home and work? Are you stuck in the same old patterns of behavior that hold you back? Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do?​Most people struggle with these same things. You’re not alone, and I’m here to help.

About Me

As a Certified Life and Enneagram Coach, I am passionate about helping people move forward through seasons of change. As a mother of 3 amazing young adults and a wife of over 35 years, I have navigated many seasons of life asking myself these very same questions. Because I know how important it is to stop and reconnect with your purpose and passions, I created Karen LaBelle Coaching as a place to do just that.

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About What We Do Together

Using The Enneagram personality profile, I help my clients better understand the filter through which they see the world. This helps them more quickly identify blind spots and unwanted patterns of behavior that keep them stuck. The Enneagram creates opportunity for profound growth and healthy relationships at home and at work.

About The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for self awareness and change. This personality typing teaches there are 9 different ways of seeing the world, processing what you see, and reacting to what you see. Because it looks at the motivations behind our actions, we can better understand why we do what we do and how to make different choices to get different results. It gives us a better understanding of ourselves and those we do life with.

Change Starts Here
Change Starts Here.

Individual Coaching


Time with me is spent unpacking where you are today and gaining perspective on the direction you want to go.

Coaching Sessions:

One hour - In office or Zoom Call

Understanding Yourself Through

the Enneagram

How can the Enneagram be used as a tool for transformation? This workshop is perfect for any group looking to dig deeper into the Enneagram from a Christian perspective.


Two - Three hours or Half or Full Day


Workshop designed for friends, couples, students, church groups, book clubs

- Spend time discovering the lens through which you see the world and how you process life

- Leave the workshop not only understanding yourself more but those who are in your life

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They Say It Best

They Say It Best

"Karen is truly one of a kind.  She has a sweet and inviting demeanor that makes you feel safe immediately.  She is full of wisdom and truth and helped me navigate some really important decisions in my life as well as help re-shape some of my thinking.  My time with her has been so life giving and healthy for me.  I'm beyond grateful for her!"

Madison M. | Marketing Coordinator 

"Karen was a tremendous value to our team. She gave us an appreciation for other perspectives and a language to use in interpreting actions and motivations. In short, she expanded our ability to have grace for one another. Huge AHA moments!"

Mike L. | Business Executive

"Karen was able to help us put words to emotions and conflicts in a way we haven't been able to in the past.  She helped us realize how to use our gifts to strengthen our relationship."

Madison M. | Marketing ​Zac and Graylyn J.  Business Consultant & Homemaker and Mother to 2 of the cutest little boys :) 

"Karen is more than a trusted advisor, she is a direct reflection of the Holy Spirit.  She has challenged and changed my perspective, bringing me into a closer connection with God.  Spending time with her gentle guidance and encouragement is the best blessing of the soul."

​Ellen A. | Sales Training Manager 

"At a crossroads in my life where things felt uncertain, Karen helped provide an objective stance and some solid ground to make decisions from.  Her grasp of the Enneagram allowed her to understand the vantage point I see the world from and she honored and encouraged the beautiful way God made me."

​Lauren H. | Nurse

"Karen has an extraordinary way of guiding you to give yourself permission to be who you are and how to allow for easier communication and connection between individuals. With her help and knowledge, my husband and I understand each other in a deeper, more meaningful way and can communicate a million times better! We are so grateful for Karen and all she has done for us as individuals and as a couple."

Marc and Randi Jo S. | Chiropractors 

"Mrs. Karen has been the only counselor (coach) that I instantly felt comfortable with and truly loved and accepted by."

Jordan H. | College Student

It was such a treat to have Karen join our book club for an Enneagram workshop. Her deep knowledge of the Enneagram and passion for sharing her insight made for an evening full of laughter, connection, and enlightenment. Thank you Karen!"

​Debbie W. | Book Club

After the first time I met with Karen, I left with so much joy and such a greater understanding of who God created me to be. She is so gifted to bring out the dreams and visions deep inside of you that you didn't even know were there. After every encounter with Karen, I have a clearer picture of what's the next step, along with action steps to guide me there. She is a rich gift to me, my marriage, and all of my friends. 

​Graeson S. | Wife and New Mom

"I've been to traditional methods of counseling before in an effort to be the healthiest I could be, but I never seemed to feel I was really making progress.  I noticed a huge difference in just a few weeks with Karen's approach, as well as a comfort level I was never able to find through other routes.  Meetings with her are truly a safe place to be brutally honest and work towards real growth!"

Jordan H. | College Student

"Working with a team of all women, it is especially difficult to know what everyone is thinking. Having Karen come in and teach us the Enneagram and how best to interact as a team was invaluable."

​Dr. Ann B. | Pediatric Dentist

"It was such a treat with our staff, board members and Student Ambassadors. Everyone enjoyed learning more about themselves and each other. We were able to laugh and grow together and ultimately, function as a stronger team because of our time with Karen."

​Kipra A. | Director of a Local Non-Profit

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Or call 864-979-5774

220 River Walk Blvd, 

Simpsonville, SC 29681


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